In June of 1989 the triangle formed by NE Jackson School Road,5th Street and Grant was dedicated as a City Park to honor one of the city's most devoted community service volunteers. Because Harold was active in the Tualatin Valley Rose Society it is natural for the rose garden to be maintained by the rose society which selects, plants, and maintains the various rose plantings within the park. Walk with us now through the garden in full bloom.



On May 30, 2006 a new planting on the corner of 5th and Jackson School Road was dedicated as a tribute to "Those who serve, have served, and will serve" to protect the lives and property of or nation and community. Those honored include the US Armed Forces, The National Guard, Fire and Police organizations, Medical Responders and the community itself.

We invite you to read a more in depth history of the Harold Eastman Memorial Rose Garden;

The Tualatin Valley Rose Society has received funds from the Aloha Garden Club in the form of grants for recent garden improvements such as name tags for rose plantings and new arbors for the climbing roses.
Their annual plant sale this year will be on May 1 at Aloha Huber School, 5000 SW 173rd in Aloha.